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Discover effective link building insights straight from the trenches of SEO campaigns and experiments.
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Field Tested Experience

Working with brands globally for 5+ years.

"If you're looking for someone who delivers results-driven link building campaigns, then John's your guy."
-Chris Benitez, GoSmrk

"I worked with John on numerous link building projects and he definitely knows his stuff"
-Romeo Antolin, A Million Words Later

"John has delivered the result as he promised, if anyone is looking for an SEO expert, look no further"
-Ray Lee, OP Design Marketing

About John

I'm an SEO and link building professional with 5-years worth of experience under my belt.

Over the course of my professional career, I have been constantly refining my link building knowledge through continuous trial-and- error and learned to apply working strategies to get high-quality backlinks for my clients.

This blog will serve as my personal journal for all the link building activities I've done and will continue to do over the next years to come.

Hopefully you can learn from my campaigns so that you can apply the best link building strategies for your brand.